Add Credit/Debit Card to a market

In order to enable Credit or Debit cards on a market you need to:

  1. In R3Admin choose the required contract.

  2. In Settings go to Air ---> Resform. In the FormsOfPayment group you can see fields CreditCards and DebitCards:


  3. Click edit on the required field.

  4. Insert the two-letter code for a given credit/debit card. Example:
    • VI for Visa credit/debit card

    • AX for American Express

    • CA for Mastercard credit/debit card

    • MA for Meastro

    • TP for UATP

    • HC for Hupercard etc.

  5. Make sure that all required textcodes are present and correct before applying changes.
    For debit cards the following textcodes may have to be edited in order to display properly the debit card options:

    The below textcode is the most important one and you have make sure it is correct

    • payment_description_XX_YY - where XX is the two-letter code for a given credit/debit card and YY is either Credit or Debit.

    • payment_description_CA_Credit (Master Card)

    • payment_description_CA_Debit (Master Card Debit)


The above list may not be applicable for each contract - make sure to check specifically on a given contract what textcodes have to be ammended.

Also, first apply changes to ACC and STG for Client acceptance and then make the changes on PRD.

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