1. Suppliers configuration list

Select ‘suppliers’ from ‘configuration’ dropdown list. You will see Suppliers configurations defined for selected tenant (in this case ‘hotelshop’)


If you click on the row, you will be redirected to supplier configuration edit page.

2. Edit supplier configuration

Here you can see Supplier configuration edit page. You can see here every created destinations, selected contracts and enabled suppliers. Click on the ‘edit’ buttons if you want to edit contracts or enabled suppliers.


You will see edit form for enabled suppliers. You can enable/disable supplier by clicking on the name of supplier. After changes you can click ‘save’ to save your changes or ‘cancel’ to close form without saving changes.


3. Edit single destination configuration

On the bottom part of the page you can see list with supplier configuration per single destination. If you click on the row, you will be able to edit configuration for selected destination. On the right side of the row you can see also the ‘delete’ button.


You will see the edit form for single destination. You can edit codes, and allowed and preferred suppliers. If you want to save your changes, click ‘save’ button, but if you want to cancel your changes, just click on the ‘cancel’ button and hide destination form.


To change order of preferred suppliers grab the icon on the left from supplier name and drop the supplier in right place.


On the bottom of the page you can see ‘add new’ button, by clicking that button you can create supplier configuration for new destination.


4. Destinations filter

Under the head of table you can see few input fields. Now you can filter your destinations by country, TLC, MHC or allowed and preferred suppliers. If you enter text into fields and click ‘search’ button or press ‘enter’ key you will see destinations filtered by your criteria. If you click on ‘clear’ button you will reset filter inputs and see all destinations in your configuration.


You can also filter your destinations by allowed and preferred suppliers. Order of suppliers in inputs does not matter.


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