Creating new user/managing existing one

1. From the top menu select 1.jpg tab, then:

  1. Click add.jpg button if you want to create new account,

  2. Or select user from a list and then click 2.jpg , if you want to change existing account.

2. Fill in the General Information form keeping in mind following important details:

3. Set all kinds of permissions for the user:

  1. Assign tenant to the user by checking the corresponding checkbox from Available tenants.
  2. You will be now able to see all permission groups available for selected tenant(s) you can assign the user to. Select checkboxes of permission groups appropriate for the user.


    Permission groups are fully customizable by our Support Team and may differ from what you see on the image above.

To learn about roles read more here: User roles in Resfinity Admin

4. Set password (avoid simple ones, like birthday or name).

5. Set preferred date format.

6. Complete user creation by pressing 4.jpg button in the lower right hand site.

Setting/Resetting password

There are a few ways to set/reset password for user:

a. Setting password by user_manager during creating new user (as mentioned in p.4 above).

b. Resetting password by user_manager by editing existing user and chosing "Reset password" in "Password" section.

c. Resetting password by user himself by choosing "Forgot your password" on login site:

In that case user will be prompted to type his/her e-mail address. If given address belongs to any existing user, resetting link will be sent to this e-mail.

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