Affiliate solution for big agencies

1. Agency can log into Affiliate contract and create an affiliate users in R3Admin

2. Agency can see all bookings did by it’s affiliates

3. Agency can see Hotel Voucher and AceXml files

4. Agency can see in booking details and Ace Xml file only Net and Y2 values (no Y1 value shown)

5. Affiliate can log into user account in R3Admin and do a book

6. Affiliate can see only own bookings

7. Affiliate can see only Hotel Voucher and Total price in R3Admin

8. Aer receives Verk and Invoice files containing Agency number (from KIM file), NetNet and Y1 values for each reservation did by Agency’s Affiliate

9. Aer receives Verk files for Affiliate bookings included in Verk-Data from IBIZA exports

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