Custom IBE

R3Hotel Application (called IBE) can be easily adjusted to Client’s website layout and other Client’s requirements.

Adjustments of layout

To make IBE layout to fit Client’s website Anixe should be provided with:

  1. Mockups of IBE layout – how Client wants the IBE layout to looks like.

    • Anixe can do layout adjustments on its own trying to fit Client’s site layout as much as it will be possible.
    • Client can have access to IBE CSS styles and adjusts them on its own (on STATIC server)
  2. Links to header and footer of Client’s website to attach them dynamically to IBE.

Anixe needs two urls from Client, for example:

Each of them should contain only HTML code and CSS code for styling them. All HTML code should be wrapped in one DIV with ID for example <div id=”header”> and then all styles should be written hierarchically under #header, for example #header h2{}. This way Clients styles won’t affect any other styles of IBE and will be styling only header HTML code. No <!DOCTYPE>, <html>, <head>, <meta>, <body> tags should be placed in header.html and footer.html. IBE has it all and we only need a part of Client’s HTML code.

The second important thing is that IBE uses SSL certificates for hotelBook and hotelConfirm pages, where users inserts their data needed for booking. To work header and footer properly in SSL secured pages all elements (like links to images) needs to be delivered by https. Anixe suggest two ways to do that:

  1. Client links to all exterior elements of header and footer by https
  2. Client gets access to Anixe STATIC server and stores all elements there, also header.html and footer.html files.

Anixe STATIC servers and application environments

Anixe keeps special servers for all static files used with IBE.

There are two application environments: acceptance (ACC) and production (PROD). ACC environment is used to develop and test applications and then periodically new versions of app are updated on PROD. So there are two STATIC servers, one for ACC and one for PROD. All changes (like layout changes) should be done on ACC_STATIC and then after testing should be updated to PROD_STATIC.

Client can store on STATIC server all files needed for IBE layout adjustments: CSS styles, images, header.html and footer.html, promo banners etc. If Client choose this option Anixe will provide FTP account to access STATIC files. Client should be careful using STATIC files, mainly on PROD, because all changes affect layout of IBE. Files names and structure should remain unchanged.

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