Allow to set additional CSS styles for contract using the path to specific folder with stylesheets.


To configure contract to use stylesheets from specific URI you need to follow these steps:

  1. In R3Admin, choose Options -> Settings -> General -> Misc -> CSSType and here select URI

  2. Next, choose Options -> Settings -> General -> Misc -> FullCSS and here type path to specific stylesheet (relative path is prefered)

The path (URI) to custom stylesheets shoud be /static/folder_name/style_file_name.css

There shoud be also placed images and other files used with this stylesheet (e.g. /static/folder_name/img)

To configure folder /static:

  1. create folder /static in /anx/var/www (so you should get /anx/var/www/static)
  2. share it: Properties -> Web Sharing -> Share this folder

  3. allow anonymous access to it in IIS Managment (click right on /static in IIS, then Properties -> Directory Security -> Anonymous access)


Since R3Hotel_3.1 there is default app_theme to be used with contracts using CSSType: URI.

The app_theme is called Resfinity. It is adviced to use this app_theme together with CSSType: URI.

The app_theme Resfinity do not contain images of icons (icons_all.gif) and stars (stars_ico.gif) so you need to add them in URI stylesheet (in this one: /static/folder_name/style_file_name.css).

For example check /static/demo/demo.css


After local changes in /static/folder_name/style_file_name.css remember to copy it to proper folder on ACC (\\oft_acc\anx\var\www\static\)

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