Opening TSV files using Microsoft Excel

TSV (tab-separated Value) is a simple text format for database tables. It is perfect for presenting reports and as such is widely used in Resfinity applications.

Microsoft Office Excel handles TSV files just right, but some versions of Microsoft Office don't associate this filetype with Excel by default. We need to do this manually.


In order to associate this filetype with Microsoft Excel and be able to open it by double-clicking, follow this five simple steps.

STEP 1. Right-click on the file and select "Properties".


By default, Windows associates .tsv file extension with "Windows Shell Common". This is not what we want!

STEP 2. Click on the "Change..." button.


STEP 3. We need to tell Windows, where Excel is installed. Click "Browse...".

If in the "Recommended Programs" section of the window you can see Microsoft Office Excel, click on it and confirm your selection by pressing "OK" button. And you're done! All TSV files from now on can be opened by double clicking on the icon.


STEP 4. Select Microsoft Office Excel executable (icon named Excel.exe) and press "Open".

If you're using 32bit of Microsoft Windows, your Microsoft Office folder probably is in Program Files (x86) folder.


STEP 5. Associate Excel with TSV file type. Select "Microsoft Office Excel" and confirm by pressing "OK" button.



From now on Windows will remember to always use Microsoft Excel to open TSV files. Each time you double-click the .tsv icon the spreadsheet window will come up.


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