Bmsweb overview


Dashboard is your home for statistics within Bms. Here you will find „at a glance” general statistical information regarding bookings, suppliers, etc.

Dashboard's 'bookings per day' chart by default shows data up to 1 month back, however the time span can be changed by clicking on the dates above the chart, and selecting desired values on the calendar widgets that appear.

Dashboard shows only confirmed bookings.


User may find reservations by simply typing the data in search widget's text-box (or using advance search option*).

* Advanced search option is available by preceding the entered value with the name of the criterion it's referring to (eg. "provider 12345" will perform a search for reservation with provider's "12345" reference number).


From the level of booking list logged user is able to create a new booking as an agency.

After finding the booking of interest, user may see the booking details including short description of the hotel, cancellation policies and other information which have been made available in accordance to contract.

From the level of booking details, user may send an e-mail to the address given in the billing details.

Option lock the booking makes any changes impossible.

Cancellation is also possible.


Activity page shows information about number of bookings with its cost. Here you will find „at a glance” general financial information regarding bookings per contract/per day per current status (confirmed/cancelled).

Detailed booking list is available after clicking on the specific row.


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