Show company name in booking details

User can see company name in booking details (if provided) Commit: 32bdb7978adad581327ad209d9631588436a0fc6


Insurance service status

Insurance service status in booking details will be visible only when different than whole reservation status Commit: 986f0bd3d1cc3ca7142d9688441df422ca51b2a0


In booking details you can click on the request_id and you will be taken to resfinity_ops, listing all transactions related to this booking. This requires the user to have the anixe role.


DashBoard chart updated

The chart in the DashBoard now shows only confirmed bookings, previously it showed all created bookings, even if they were cancelled on the same day. Bmsweb uses now the common resfinity_theme.

Commit: 78a9524e7eda5be505be3f5111e08a2f0723bd1e


Flight Supplier Cancellation Fees

Added display of cancellation fees from flight suppliers beneath the flight in the booking details section.

Commit: 2291958288cbecf77b30f110064bd7838ebcd49b



Added a first translation of the booking list to German ('de'). Currently the language can be changed using the _l url parameter.

Implemented access restrictions to reports and other sensitive sales data

Sales and Suppliers reports require tourop role

In order to protect sensitive information the following enhancements have been introduced

In order to see those reports add the role tourop in resfinity_admin per user who should see the reports.

Hotel verification report requires anixe role

The hotel verification report, can now only be accessed by anixe staff, this requires adding the anixe role to a user.

Commit: 75e43a0510a007ec9c6fbdb43004c62772eb9d8a

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