Agency Portal FAQ

1. Why I cannot find a particular hotel?

Searching using regions or locations might sometime not give all the hotels that you are looking for. It is due to the fact, that those areas are not a fixed value and the definition of that area might be differently understood in different systems. In same cases this might be smaller or bigger area, as there is no one static definition from where a particular region or location starts and ends and precisely which streets are included.

It is advisable when setting up locations filter, to check if the hotel is available before we chose the filter as you may encounter a situation as described above. What is more, if you want to search for a hotel in some specific area, you can also turn on the map view, type in the street or location and search through displayed hotels.

It is advisable to keep in mind the writing of hotel names - depending on a supplier you might have it written differently. Let us take hotel Mövenpick as an example. You can find this hotel written in three different ways: Movenpick, Moevenpick or Mövenpick. All this three spellings are widely accepted, so just for your calm mind, when looking for a hotel with special characters in name, it is good to remember how differently it can be written.

If there are no rooms available for chosen search criteria (dates, meal type or type of room) then the hotel will not be displayed on the hotels list.

Hotel data is usually updated on suppliers side on weekly basis, which means we can be delivered with adjusted hotel data or even new hotels every week. Thanks to our matching system most of the data is checked automatically, however in some cases our Data Quality Department needs to check part of the data manually. In this time, particular hotel might not be yet available for sales as we want make sure, that you and your clients will book the correct hotel.

If there is more than one page of hotels delivered after making a search, then searching for a hotel name using ctrl+F/cmd+F is not efficient, as the chosen hotel might be on the next page. It is better to use the search bar on the left side of the page, as with this tool hotels from all pages are searched.

2. Why "book from" price on the hotels list is not always the cheapest price?

Basically, prices that are displayed on the hotels list might not be the cheapest ones all the time. Searching for all the hotels in a destination is one transaction which might be cached - both on our side and on suppliers side. This is explained by the fact, that thanks to caching system, you can have much faster responses. While you are searching for hotel or hotel rates, there goes another transaction which is to update the offer in real-time and recheck the availability and exact price of the offer. And that is why you might get small discrepancies between those transactions and "book from" price may change.

3. What does "price has changed" mean?

This is either due to the caching system (described above in the question "Why "book from" price on the hotels list is not always the cheapest price?") or due to the timeout we received from the supplier. This means that on the hotels list we received a proper response and offers were delivered, however entering into hotels details triggers another transaction and the second request is sent to the supplier. In case of a timeout on that step, price seen on the first screen will be no longer available as the system did not receive it again from the supplier.

4. How to retrieve BMS reports?

To retrieve reports first of all you need to go to the BMS, where on the bottom of the page you have a button “download” with the small down arrow on the right side of the button. Once you click on it, you have various kinds of reports to choose from. You can play around with those reports and check which ones best suits your needs.

Once you click on one of the reports you will be automatically redirected to the download page. Depending on the web browser you can see if the file has already finished downloading. Important note here - you will not be redirected back to the BMS so that it will seems like downloading is still in progress but do not worry, just check if the file is already on your computer and if so, just go back manually by clicking back button in the web browser.

All the reports are saved as a .tsv files (tab-separated value; simple text format for database tables), but it can be easily changed, so do not worry. Once you have the file with report on your computer, just right-click on it and choose “open with” option where you can choose Excel (if Excel does not appear initially, there is an option “other” (or “browse”) which allows you to choose a program from all the programs available on your computer).

If you still have any problems with opening the report, you can always click on “Problems opening the report?” on the left side of the button (please see the first screenshot), so that you will be redirected to tsv file specification where you will find step-by-step instructions how to open the report in Excel.

5. What does pnr_created status in BMS means?

Please go to reservation statuses and see what does each of the booking status means.

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