This document emphasises main points which should be taken into consideration while integrating each Channel Manager.

  1. Time zone:
    • BMS stores dates and times in the UTC standard with CET or CEST time zone. When you do the reservation, for example from 2017-09-10 to 2017-09-17, BMS converts the dates to CET or CEST time zone, i.e. 2017-09-09T22:00:00 and 2017-09-16T22:00:00. In all transactions we should transform it to UTC with offset.
  2. Gross and Net prices:
    • We should be sure that CM prices are Gross or Net.
  3. Default meal plan:
    • CMs, which don't have information about meal and meal plans in documentation, may want to use default meal plan in [DEF.ROOM]. In RateTiger, we create two rooms with the different room type and different default meal plans.

  4. Cancellation policy:
    • In time_to_arrival filed in [RATE.CNX] section, you can use days and hours, for example 1d23h:1d. You should enter Hotel Time Zone in [CONTRACT].
      • For example 'tz = "Europe/Wroclaw"'.

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